Who opened the door change the passive voice?

Your answer is: Active voice : Who opened the door? Passive voice : The door was opened by whom?

Who was opening the door change into passive voice?

Open the door. :Active voice. Let the door be opened.:Passive voice. Let the be opened.

How do you change a door to passive voice?

The passive voice for shut the door would be ‘Let the door be shut’. In this sentence, ‘shut’ is the “past participle of the verb” shut and door is the object.

What do you want change in passive voice?

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In order to convert active into passive, it is important to omit primary auxiliary verbs such as do, does or did. Words such as why, what and when remain at the same position as in the active voice.  So, the correct answer is what is wanted by you.

What is the passive voice of she pays a lot of money?

‘A lot of money is paid by her’ is a passive voice of the given sentence.

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What is the passive voice of always speak the truth?

The passive voice of “Always speak the truth” may have number of alternatives: 1)The truth must be spoken always. 2)The truth may be spoken always. 3)The truth ought to be spoken always.

What will be the passive voice of close the door?

Let the door close . Let the door be closed. Let the door closed.

Will U teach me in passive voice?

→ Active :- Will you teach me this lesson ? → Passive :- Will this lesson be taught to me by you ?

What is passive voice and give 5 examples?

With passive voice, the subject is acted upon by the verb.

Active and Passive Voice Comparison.

Active Voice Passive Voice
I will clean the house every Saturday. The house will be cleaned by me every Saturday.

Can English be spoken by you change the voice?

First you need to change it into assertive. 1) You can speak English. Now change it into passive. 2) English can be spoken by you.

Do you like music change into passive voice?

Answer: Music is liked by me. This should be the passive voice.