What is the triangle above the front door called?

Share Give Feedback External Websites. Pediment, in architecture, triangular gable forming the end of the roof slope over a portico (the area, with a roof supported by columns, leading to the entrance of a building); or a similar form used decoratively over a doorway or window.

What is the area above the front door called?

A transom is a narrow window located above a door or window. Most transom windows do not operate, but if they do, they are typically hinged at the top like an awning window.

Is vestibule and foyer the same?

A foyer is a lobby, corridor, or waiting room used in a hotel, while a vestibule is a passage, hall, or room used in a building.

What is a covered entryway called?

Definitions of portico. a porch or entrance to a building consisting of a covered and often columned area.

What should I hang above my archway?

How to Decorate Above an Archway Entrance

  • Paint a wall stencil onto the top of the archway and the wall that frames it. …
  • Screw wall hooks into the wall above the archway and hang a floral swag from the hooks. …
  • Frame the arch with wall hooks, and hang a bough or tinsel swag from them.

How do you decorate over a doorway?

Let the wall itself be the decorative feature. Put up something that will make you smile every time you walk through the door. Spice up your wall with molding for texture. Repurpose a sign or other art in just the right specific shape.

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What is a floating astragal?

The astragal is a vertical component between door panels that allows your French door system to lock out unwanted guests, seal out water and air, and keep insects outside your home.