What is a hurricane garage door?

A hurricane-rated garage door is simply a reinforced door with superior wind resistance construction. The amount of strength your garage door is required to have depends on your location in Florida.

Can a garage door withstand a hurricane?

High winds can cause garage doors to fail, allowing hurricane-force winds to enter your home. … Some hurricane-rated garage doors can withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour, which is more than a Category 5 hurricane.

How much is a hurricane rated garage door?

Impact-resistant and hurricane-proof garage doors cost between $750 and $1,295.

Are hurricane garage doors insulated?

Insulation: Insulated hurricane garage doors help provide another layer of protection and keep extreme temperatures out of your garage during severe weather and all year long.

How do I protect my garage door during a hurricane?

Perhaps the best thing that you can do to prevent hurricane damage to your garage door is to install a hurricane brace. Most braces are made of heavy-duty aluminum or steel and need to be drilled in to the concrete floor. They have brackets that attach to the door in multiple places to keep your garage door secure.

Does a garage door add value to your house?

Realtors estimate that upgrading a garage door can increase the perceived selling price of a home by up to 4%, depending on the style. With the average U.S. home price estimated at $206,300 in 2017, this can mean an incremental increase of $8,000 to $14,000, just because of the garage door.

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How can I tell if my garage door is impact rated?

Look on your garage door to find the wind load sticker. This sticker should list the manufacturer’s name, model number and design pressures. Once you have found this sticker and written down the information on it, you can look up your door’s Wind and Impact Ratings on the Florida Product Approval Website.

What makes a door hurricane proof?

Composed of thick, fiberglass skins with wood and composite reinforcements, impact doors have specialized polyurethane foam cores that will better protect you and your family in the event of a storm. Reinforced hinges and beefed up door frames ensure the door isn’t going anywhere, under any conditions.