Question: How thick do Walls need to be for pocket doors?

The existing wall should also be thicker than 4 inches, as the standard pocket door thickness is about 2 inches.

What width do you need for a pocket door?

The rule of thumb for sizing the opening is door width times 2 plus 1 ¾”. For example, to install a 36” pocket door you’re going to need an opening that is 73 ¾” wide – (2 X 36 = 72, 72 + 1 ¾” = 73 ¾”) while installing a 32” door would require an opening 65 ¾” wide.

Can I use any door for a pocket door?

As long as the measurement is correct for the pocket opening, the door is the right thickness, and the door hasn’t been pre-drilled for a standard door lockset or hinges, you can use any kind of door for a pocket door.

What are standard pocket door sizes?

Calculating the dimensions of a sliding pocket door

A standard sliding pocket door has the same sizes as a corresponding hinged door. It typically measures 30″ or 36″ in width and 80″ in height. It is also possible to build customized solutions having very large or very small passage sizes.

How much does it cost to install a pocket door in an existing wall?

It will cost you between $1,000 and $3,500 to have a pocket door installed in an existing wall. The rate charged by a professional hang a standard model is $150 to $200. If the old frame is in poor condition, an extra $100 to $150 may be added to the cost of having a pre-hung unit installed, depending on your location.

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How high should a pocket door be off the floor?

The height of the rough opening off the rough floor surface is usually 84.5 inches. Be sure you measure from the highest point of the subfloor if your floor is out of level.

How much does a 36 inch pocket door cost?

Pocket Door Cost by Size

Door Size in Inches Door Size in Feet Average Cost (Material Only)
30 inches 2’6” $300-$800
32 inches 2’8” $350-$900
34 inches 2’10” $400-$1,200
36 inches 3 $450-$1,250