Question: How do you adjust French doors on LG refrigerator?

How do you reset an LG French door refrigerator?

With either refrigerator door opened press and hold the REFRIGERATOR and ICE PLUS buttons at the same time for five seconds. After holding the buttons for five seconds, the control panel will beep, and the temperature settings will display to confirm that DEMO MODE is deactivated.

Can you adjust refrigerator doors?

To realign the door, just pry off the hinge cap and loosen the hinge screws. Then align the door with the top of the refrigerator. … To realign the lower door, adjust the middle hinge. Moving the middle hinge will affect the upper door, so you may have to adjust the top hinge afterward.

How do I run diagnostics on my LG refrigerator?

Lock the control panel by holding the lock button for 3 seconds. Once locked, open the right side refrigerator door.

You can run Smart DiagnosisTM on your smartphone using the SmartThinQ app.

  1. On your phone, press the SETTINGS button.
  2. Press SMART DIAGNOSIS button.
  3. Select the START SMART DIAGNOSIS option.

How do I reset the code on my LG refrigerator?

Unplug the LG fridge and wait 20 minutes – Plug back into power – Many times the code will clear or reset.

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