How do you put a ball catch on a new door?

What is a ball catch on a door?

A ball catch door is a door with a ball catch mechanism mounted on the top or side and hidden from view. The ball catch mechanism consists of a spring-loaded ball that catches and holds the door closed. Ball catch doors are generally used indoors.

Are roller catches good?

Adjustable roller catches are very helpful when there is a considerable gap between the door and the door frame. … This catch is easy to install and adjust with a screwdriver; and will match other stainless steel or chrome door furniture for an overall neater and tidy appearance.

How does a ball catch latch work?

Ball catches sit inside the top of the door and keep the door shut by a friction fit between the catch and the door jamb. The ball catch consists of a barrel that contains a spring-loaded ball that fits inside the door, with only the top of the ball exposed.

Are all ball catches the same size?

Catches – different types explained

Catches come in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of different applications.

How do you lower a ball catch?

You can find the ball catch mechanism at the top corner of each door. To adjust the ball catch on a door, tighten or loosen it by turning it. Turn the ball catch clockwise if it needs to be adjusted to a lower height and counterclockwise to adjust it to a higher height.

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