How do I remove a PetSafe door?

To remove the PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Door, lift the door from the lower door track into the height adjuster panel at the top of the door, then pull the door away from the upper door track.

How do you unlock the dog door on PetSafe?

Door is locking and unlocking without a key nearby

Store keys away from the door and adjust the sensitivity. If the issue persists, press and hold the Mode-Reset button for 10 seconds. Move the pet door to another location. If the issue is resolved, there is interference.

How do you adjust the flap on a PetSafe door?

How to Adjust your Freedom® Pet Flap

  1. Hold the flap in place and loosen the screws in the front with a Phillips screwdriver. Do not remove the screws completely.
  2. Adjust the flap to ensure that the magnet on the bottom of the flap seals with the magnet on the base of the door. …
  3. Tighten the screws to hold the flap in place.

How do you program a dog door?

Locate the Program Button on the circuit board. Push and hold it for about four seconds. When you’re done, you will hear a quick beep and the Program Light will flash green. Test that the keys works by holding it in front of the door.

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How do you open a pet safe?

2. Lift the PetSafe® cover on the top of the feeder. 3. Open both food tray lids by pressing down on the center of the PetSafe button for 5 seconds.

What is a recessed door frame?

Recessed Door: A recessed frame is flush with or barely visible in the interior or exterior wall. You can’t. see the track the door slides into.