How do I make my front door airtight?

How do you make a door more airtight?

The easiest solution is to install an adjustable latch plate to hold the closed door tightly against the weatherstripping in the frame. An easy-to-install design uses a two-piece striker plate.

What can I put around my door to keep the air out?

Apply a Foam Tape

If your door is slightly warped, Glass Doctor suggests using a sticky foam tape to keep cold air out. You’ll need to measure the space you need to cover and then cut the tape to match. Installing the tape is as simple as pressing it into place.

How do you fill large gaps around a door frame?

One of the easiest ways to fill door gaps is to use weatherstripping. You can use sticky foam tape; tubular silicone, vinyl or rubber; corner pads; felt rolls or one of the weatherstripping kits sold in stores. If old weatherstripping is already on the door, take it off and clean the frame with rubbing alcohol.

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