Frequent question: Who sang the songs in the Doors movie?

Jim was a rare baritone tenor, so he trained to sing in that range. He then sent two tapes to Stone and the surviving members of The Doors. One was Kilmer singing, the other, Morrison. They couldn’t tell them apart.

Did Val Kilmer sing Jim Morrison?

For anyone who’s seen a rock ‘n’ roll movie other than the parody “This Is Spinal Tap,” it’s an automatic reaction: Even before actor Val Kilmer opens his mouth to sing as Jim Morrison, you cringe. It has nothing to do with Kilmer, who’s actually quite good.

How accurate is the Doors movie?

The whole magical, tragic carnival lasted less than five years. In some senses, the film is an accurate one. It’s faithful to the main lines of the band’s story, and Kilmer has been nearly universally lauded for his eerie ability to portray Morrison.

Did Val Kilmer gain weight for the doors?

Every time he appears in the movie, he is either on crutches, sitting, or lying down. Because the film was shot out of sequence, Val Kilmer had to carefully gain weight for Jim Morrison’s heavier, later years so the flab was only noticeable on his belly, and could be concealed when he played Morrison as a younger man.

Can Val Kilmer actually sing?

Kilmer even surprised himself by singing way beyond his talent or range. He learned 50 songs for the film; 15 are actually performed on screen.

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Is Val Kilmer rich?

Val Edward Kilmer is an American actor who is best known for starring in multiple hit films such as Real Genius, Top Gun, Batman Forever, and Tombstone. As of 2021, Val Kilmer net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

Val Kilmer Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually in 2021?

Full Name Val Edward Kilmer
Net Worth $25 million

Has Val Kilmer ever won an Oscar?