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Turning Toys 

Turning Toys is filled with practical advice to help you succeed and enjoy great satisfaction from creating beautiful toys. With over 360 photos and drawings, you’ll learn exactly how to use all the tools required, control the cutting edge, and work comfortably at your lathe.

Beloved playthings today...handmade heirlooms tomorrow. Turning Toys will inspire you to try your hand at a variety of wooden toys you won’t find in stores: racing cars, wands, stackers, spinning tops, even a handsome croquet set. Get your copy and turn out toys that will delight the children in your life.



The Art of Turned Bowls

This beautiful volume from Richard Raffan is dedicated to the art of creating aesthetic forms in your turned bowls.

More about design than about technique, the book displays a wide range of bowls -- by a host of experienced turners -- with analysis that will help you create more artful bowls with a sense of balance and proportion. As you flip through the pages, you'll discover how the subtle form and shape of a well-turned bowl is one that's also a delight to hold and use.

Turning Wood with Richard Raffan

Completely revised and updated with new techniques and up-to-date information on tools, this classic is the definitive reference book for every turner, including those just starting out.
Taunton Press, 2001. ISBN 1-56168-417-7

Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan

From planning to completion, Richard Raffan leads you through all the key elements of turning bowls. With detailed text and step-by-step photos, he covers wood and tool selection, design advice, surface embellishment and finishing techniques.
Richard Raffan, 2002. ISBN 1-56158-508-4

Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan

The book begins with basic design considerations and the tools and equipment you need to get started. Raffan then gives you detailed instructions for turning each part of the box, as well as variations you can make. Each chapter includes several step-by-step photo essays to lead you through the process. The book also features a wide variety of Raffan's own work that you will find truly inspiring.

Taunton Press, 2002. ISBN 1-56158-509-2

Turning Guides

 (3 Books: Turning Wood, Turning Boxes and Turning Bowls in a slipcase)


Turning Projects with Richard Raffan

From simple to sophisticated, you'll find 23 diverse woodturning projects, from rolling pins and mallets to hollow vessels, scoops and ladles -- even a turned hedgehog. Complete instructions, detailed photos, and expert design advice guide you through each project.
Taunton Press, 1991. ISBN 0-942391-38-1


Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning

This step-by-step pictorial reference covers all of the essential techniques for turning wood. Organized for quick access, this book makes it easy to find exactly the technique you are looking for. Overt 850 photos and drawings illustrate how to hold, sharpen, and use turning tools, use specialized chucks, deep hollow elegant vessels, finish at the lathe, and much more.
Taunton Press, 2005. ISBN 1-56158-672-2  Hard back.


Turning Wood with Richard Raffan DVD

This essential video shows you all the tricks and subtle techniques that are so important to skillful woodturning. In this 114-minute video, Richard Raffan leads you through six intriguing projects from his companion book, Turning Wood.
ISBN 1-56158-713-3


Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan DVD

In this 55-minute video, Richard Raffan demonstrates how to make turned boxes with suction-fit lids. You'll discover all the tricks and techniques you need to refine your skills, as you learn to make three challenging types of boxes.
ISBN 1-56158-707-9

Turning Projects with Richard Raffan DVD

In this 87-minute video, you'll watch Richard Raffan at his lathe, demonstrating how to manipulate skews, gouges, and parting tools to produce the entire range of wood-turning cuts. Plus you'll learn to select the wood species best suited for a variety of turning projects.