Horizontal Scrub from Tasmania  2008

Citadel Boxes, redgum 2008

African Blackwood, Leatherwood, Rosewood
c. 70-75 mm diameter, 2006

 50mm diameter, 1990s

 Cocobolo, Tulipwood, 2006

 Gidgee, African blackwood, cocobolo, 2008
Tower Boxes, Boxwood, c.40mm dia. 2009
Tower Boxes, 2002
Citadel Series, 140mm dia. 2008

Yew, Teak, Indian rosewood. c.45mm diameter. 1972-73
 Houn Pine. Made for the Masterpiece exhibition at the British Crafts Centre, London, 1977
Rosewood Towers, c.40mm diameter, 2006